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Adams Wastewater Treatment Facilities Improvement Project and Gap III Energy Grant

The Adams Wastewater Treatment Facility was constructed in 1968.  While the plant has operated well for several decades, the major systems and equipment are aging.  In 2006, a $2.8 million capital upgrade project replaced some equipment, but much of the equipment is still original. 

The $6.5 Adams Wastewater Treatment Facilities Improvement Project, which started in 2022 is a large-scale overhaul of several critical aging systems at the Treatment Facility.  The project is being funded through a loan from the MassDEP Cean Water State Revolving Fund.  These improvements include upgrades to the following facility components:

• Headworks
• Grit collection system
North aeration basin
• Secondary clarifier No. 2
• Dewatering system polymer feed system
• Plant water system
• Return activated sludge and waste activated sludge (RAS/WAS) pumps
• Administration building HVAC improvements
• Administration building motor control center replacements
• Administration building laboratory upgrade
• Chemical storage
• Pump stations

As part of this project, equipment replacement will help to reduce overall energy usage at the facility.  The Town has received a grant of $172,286 from the MassDEP GAP III Energy Program.  This program helps to address energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption at municipal water facilities.  This grant will help to expand the scope of work for the larger improvement project and will address:

• Replacement of the mechanical aerators in aeration basin No. 2
• Installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) on the new aerators
• Installation of dissolved oxygen (DO) instruments
• Conversion of weirs from motorized to stationary
• Replacement of two 20 HP plant water pumps with three 15 HP pumps.

For any questions, please contact:

Eammon Coughlin, Community Development Director (ecoughlin@town.adams.ma.us or ext. 131).